I enjoy reading emerging trends and insights about marketing, advertising and anything in the digital world. And as a marketer, the learning should never end. That’s why I always stay up to date with as many blogs and research that I can.


What I learned

In this month’s Think with Google, I decided to document what I am learning by sharing it on here. This will become my cheat sheet of research when outlining my content and plans at my job.

Key takeaways

Today’s consumer is research obsessed. Doing crazy amounts of research makes people feel more comfortable in their decisions.” – Sara Kleinberg

  • When people go online, they find others who they can relate to.
  • Reviews open different ways your product can be used (bonus for you!).
  • Online reviews are pleasant for a consumer because it uses everyday conversational language.
  • Reviews are expanding to show how a product fits into a potential buyer’s day to day experience and how they could feel when using the product.
  • YouTube is a strong platform that offers these benefits for consumers.

How marketing could evolve

Ensure you have the right persona
For a product such as a facial cleaner, there may be 10 different personas and segments. Highlighting and targeting these consumers with people that look, sound, and feel just like them can have an impact on how the consumer views their perceived need and experience for your product.

Be creative
Demonstrate the different and everyday situations your product can be used.

Use everyday language
Scrap the marketing language we use. How would you describe it to a friend? Use that language. According to Kevin Allocca, head of culture and trends at YouTube, the best thing marketers could do for consumers is by being real and transparent in the language and intention used. People will want to see what they can understand and relate to.

As a millennial, I can say that my personal behaviour when making a purchase has changed. From starting with a quick Google search, watching tutorials and product reviews, to creating an excel document of product pros, cons, and cost, the cycle is long but feels safe.

Thanks for reading!