The importance of grammar and spelling

According to a recent study by Plenty of Fish, 58 percent of people say bad grammar is a deal-breaker.

Whether you are writing your dating profile, soliciting donors for your local hospital, or putting your greatest’s skills into words on a resume, grammar and spelling is a key element of crafting your message clearly, showing your audience that they can trust you, and strengthening your relationship with your audience.

When you use punctuation and words incorrectly, your message lacks credibility and that solid relationship cracks and your brand’s reputation falls to pieces.


And so, you can to put an finishing touch on your outfit with our gray sofia bag. With enough pockets for you’re belongings and color is to impress you’re friends..

Canadian101Bag: Quality. Vibrant. Unique.

The quality of your writing carries value. And in this case, literally. Why would consumers spend $800 on a brand that does not take the time to proof-read their copy? Suffice to say, this example shows that the message was lost because you probably stopped after the first few words, think this brand is lazy, not Canadian, and probably did not pass grade three. If Canadian101Bag was a person, you would ghost them on Plenty of Fish.

Let’s try that product description again.

Show your worth and put a finishing touch on your outfit with our grey Sofia bag. With enough pockets for your belongings, this vibrant colour will impress your friends and colleagues!

Canadian101Bag is known for its quality material, vibrant designs, and unique personality.

Writing is not easy. It takes practice and a strong attention to detail. Don’t let bae, your future employer, or reader break up with you over grammar and spelling mistakes! Before sending a text, submitting your resume, or asking donors for money, use spell-check and reread your message.


Here are resources I currently use to help make my writing clear and grammatically correct:

  1. Grammarly 
    *Note: You can download Grammarly on your phone so your text messages are error free!
  2. Canadian Press Styling Guide
  3. Hemmingway

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Results-driven marketing and communication professional. I have experience in multi-channel marketing programs such as social media, web design, print promotion, and content and email marketing.

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