From premium beer to corporate communications, I learned marketing and PR is a necessity in any business. Located in the heart of Toronto on a Thursday morning, I visited Steam Whistle and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd (MLSE) on October 4, 2018.

Steam Whisle

Starting the day with getting a fun and interesting Steam Whistle tour from Shane Dovey, the Retail Store Coordinator, I got the opportunity to walk through the brewery and take in the aromatic smells (mmmm!).

Keeping its grassroots, I was intrigued Steam Whistle only has one beer.  Maintaining standards for their beer, the product is made with four basic yet fine ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast. With the goal of becoming Canada’s #1 beer, Steam Whistle prides itself with doing one thing well rather than produce a chain of mediocre products.

Everything Steam Whistle does is done with a purpose. From paying homage to 1950s Golden Era with a classic green beer bottle to participating in events that align with their brand, Steam Whistle has crafted their image meticulously.

After Steam Whistle, I visited the MLSE corporate office and got to hear from the public relations professionals from Toronto FC, Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Although I do not intend to go into sports PR, I got to appreciate the amount of time sports PR professionals dedicate for their career. From setting up interviews, spending over 15 hours moving around on game days to travelling on the road with the team, these PR professionals are on 24/7.

Emphasizing the importance of never being photographed or quoted in the media, Stefano Toniutti explained it could be misinterpreted by the public. Although having a strong relationship with team members is important, Toniutti cautioned students to remind clients that they are representing them. “There is a line between we are friendly,” says Toniutti, “and we are friends”.

Although Toniutti and the other PR pros are in sports, their advice could not be any more relevant and necessary for today’s digital sharing world.

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