As we begin to end the year, it’s important to make time to reflect about the last several months and how we can improve for the next year.

I notice mental health was a popular topic in my PR program. If we are unable to manage our mental health, we will ultimately be unable to execute our professional work. Similarly, taking breaks for ourselves ensures we stay creative, calm, and collected during stressful times. Here are three ways I manage my stress that you can incorporate as well.


This may not be for everyone, but the best way to improve a mood can be done through music. There are various genres that anyone can enjoy, connect with, and feel inspired with. Or, you can dance to it, whatever your cup of tea is. I often plug in my headphones when I’m working or crank up the volume in my car to Backstreet Boys to sing to. It’s a quick way to send myself some positive vibes.


The quickest way to reset myself is through a quick 15-minute walk. Sometimes it feels like my dog often walks me rather than me walking my dog. Whichever the scenario is, walks are happening and as a result, I’m increasing my heart rate, getting fresh air, and resetting my thoughts and breathing.

Schedule in your favourite activity

Sometimes you have to say no to people and take time out of your day to spend time doing what you love. In my case, this means saying no to a night out, volunteer work, or even prioritizing other responsibilities so I can reset and recharge. In my case, I do this by scheduling in video game time. Although it is not a productive tool for society, it will help me reset and ready to take on anything that comes my way for the next day.

Whatever you choose to do, taking simple and small steps can be the first way to manage stress and worries.

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