After graduating from university and working for a few years, I learned there were additional skills I wanted to obtain to better align with my work interest. With this in mind, I decided to go back to school and chose Loyalist College for public relations. Rated as Ontario’s #1 ranked Post-Graduate Public Relations & Event program, the program focused on a combination of project-based learning and hands-on experience.┬áCourses completed include:

  • Intro to Public Relations
  • Public Relations Techniques
  • Public Relations Writing
  • Public Relations Case Studies
  • Presentation Skills & Interviewing
  • Media Presentations
  • Event Management
  • Fundraising Fundamentals


Awards and Recognition

  1. Individual Campaign of the Year Award
    This award honours the student who exemplified the best marketing and communications plan to increase brand awareness and audience engagement by conducting thorough research and strong strategic planning.

  2. Professionalism Award
    This award honours the student who exemplified a commitment to academic excellence while demonstrating trustworthiness and handling difficult situations with solid communication and respect.

  3. Letter of Recommendation


Writing Samples

Throughout the program, we wrote and published content for news coverage and promotion. This included press releases, MAT stories, fact sheets and radio scripts to name a few. To keep my work from being plagiarized, please contact me directly to see samples of my school work.