CU Don’t Know – Carleton University Safe Drinking Campaign

CU Don’t Know encourages responsible drinking and offers safe drinking tips on how to make smart choices. Whether students are hosting a house party, chasing down their favourite bars, or having a great time at a sports game, the CU Don’t Know campaign encourages students to experience and embrace university culture while ensuring students know their drinking limits and stick to them.

My role:

  • Content creation for the website, social media, and print promotion to generate awareness for Carleton’s safe drinking campaign.
  • Monitored engagement and respond to questions, comments, and feedback online.
  • Organized and attended micro events to promote our messages.


  • Increased social media followers by 43%.
  • Conducted video interviews for promotion and focus groups to strengthen and understand the student’s opinions and knowledge about alcohol.

CU Don't Know social media plan

Media and Content Examples

CU Don’t Know Website

Every week I updated the CU Don’t Know homepage to reflect the weekly theme. On a monthly basis, I would ensure our promotional posters were updated on the website. Additionally, I would provide stats from Google Analytics to track website performance.

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CU Don’t Know Social Media

I planned a content calendar around our monthly themes. Social media was compromised of snippets from weekly the blogs to drive students back to the CU Don’t Know website.

Social media was also used to engage in conversations and hold contests to keep students updated about campus events, reminders, and of course, safe drinking tips.

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CU Don’t Know Blogs

Key blogs that I wrote are below: