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About the Communication Undergraduate Student Society (CUSS)

CUSS is an undergraduate student society organized and run by and for Communications students. It provides opportunities for members by integrating fundraising initiatives, a mentorship program, social nights, and professional activities throughout the year.

My Role

Voted by members, I was elected as the 2015 – 2016 Social Media Director. I took the society further and fostered our society’s brand. I did this by effectively promoting our resources, events, and ensured we were always communicating and engaging with students.

I began by designing the CUSS website using WordPress and managed all blog submissions. This website became our ecosystem for who we are and what we offer. Allowing students to easily find us online, connect with their student society, and promote their thoughts and writing to members, students, and staff and faculty, the website became a key highlight for the society.

My daily tasks included designing graphics and posting on Facebook, Twitter and our new Instagram account. Content included relevant communications material, student society announcements and reminders, and general updates about Carleton and student life.


  • Increased sales by 50% through utilizing targeted Facebook ads to meet sale goals for the annual CUSS Networking Night 2016.
  • Increased total social media followers by 25%.


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Communication Undergraduate Student Society